Our ‘Creation’


My name is Jordyn McIntosh and this is my creation. Noticed how I used the word creation. I wanted to create a place where people just like me can come together and speak on topics we really don’t get to say anywhere else. By people like me I mean teens, simply teens. I wanted to give them a voice that our age alone doesn’t give us. I want us to speak on important topics in the world today. Whether it’s high points or low. Current events have a lot to do with us and the world around us that we will soon take on as our own or already have. So I feel it’s important that we get to speak about it and not be silenced by our ages. This is a step in the right direction. Not only should we speak on these topics but we should find solutions to these problems. I want to not to just inform but to influence peace, equality and justice.

All opinions are valued. Whether I don’t agree with them or anyone else around you. As long as you keep an open-minded to others and accepting of other you will heard. I want everyone to feel heard when reading and using this ‘creation’.

In this blog I will be addressing political, social and environmental problems in our world, but also offering solutions. I will be reviewing articles, videos and other types of media and sharing the with you, then you can give your opinion on the same topic. Also you can give suggestions on new topics we can address. I really hope you take this as a way to unite with each in peace.

This is for us. Made by US for US.

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