Internal Debate

I’m debating. I support people, all people for who they are, I accept them for what they accept of themselves. BUT… Does that mean I accept people who don’t. Do I accept people who hate people, usually due to reason that are out of any humans control. I do, I feel everyone is entitled to an opinion even a wrong one. But should I, is what I’m debating. Should I let people hate people. I feel I should stop it, but I feel I can’t. So I debate to remove myself from those people because they don’t believe what I believe. BUT… doesn’t that make me no better than them.


My mom always told me not to use the word ‘hate’. She said that hate is a very strong word, and I could never find it in my heart to hate anyone or anything, or at least at the time I couldn’t. At the time I couldn’t know enough to hate, I’m not saying I do now but it’s harder to believe that. I have to say I have a little bit of hate. I hate that people could look at a person other than a person.

What I mean is I hate that people could see a woman and think that just because she’s a woman she can’t do something, or she shouldn’t do something. I hate that people could see a black person and think he’s dangerous or angry. Why can’t people see people for people, see them for who they are as a person.

‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. I really don’t understand how a phrase like this existed for as long as it did, when a lot of people who use it are hypocrites. In my opinion, it’s a natural human reaction to judge someone based on appearance and due to the misguidance of society since the beginning of people, our initial reaction is pretty messed up. It takes an actual human being to see an actual human being, for who they are.

We are all people, we shouldn’t judge on the characteristics we can’t control. Race, Gender Sexuality.


If you didn’t know already I am a sophomore in high school, meaning I am still learning and growing myself, as a person. Today was a day meant to enlighten and expand our teenage brains on a sometimes touchy subject, religion. I attend an episcopal school where religion is very important. So as tenth graders we take a course called World Religions, just try and guess what we learn about. Today we took a field trip to multiple places of worship catered to different religions of course. We visited a Temple, a Synagogue, a church, and we stood outside of a mosque because it was closed, but the outside was very pretty. Each place had there similarities and differences to each other, but overall all very unique and enlightening.

We first visited an Episcopalian church, where I got to ask bishop a couple of questions from ,in my opinion, a non-religious point of view that possibly considered religion. I asked him If there were any struggles in his life that your religion helped you through or couldn’t help you through. He answered me by saying that there is a difference between religion and faith, faith is your belief and devotion to something, religion is what you put your faith in, he went on to say that there was no struggle that religion couldn’t help him through, because he was still standing there before us so he   obviously powered through. He also explained to me his opinion on fate. He said that he doesn’t believe in the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’, despite the fact that that people often used to get themselves through struggles. He believes that crummy things happen that he nor God wanted to happen, but they did regardless.

I also asked him if he was religious his entire life, because in my opinion there could be difference in the amount of faith you have in that religion due to the way you went into it. If you were raised in a religious family, some might feel stuck or like it was forced on them. If you found religion later on in life, in my opinion you would have a better appreciation for your religion because it came to you in a time of need and helped you through.

I personally have never been ‘up close and personal’ with religion, but my family is apart of the Episcopalian religion and although we do rely on God for protection and strength, we don’t go to church every Sunday. Some would say we’re not religious like our belief in a higher power isn’t enough for that higher power, like of we don’t follow a certain set of rules, delivered by a person who was sent a message, sent to them and only them, from a higher power. The interesting thing is that multiple people get these callings that not many people are aware of. There are a lot of sub-religions that branch off of the major, most popular religions. What’s also interesting is that they all got a different calling or message which motivated them to spread create their own religion.

My point here is not to downgrade any ones religion or anyone’s belief in their religion, but why there is so much controversy over something majority of our population believes in, religion.If you truly open your mind to look at the world around, you can see that religion is a beautiful thing. It can bring people together. Any type of person from anywhere can believe in the same God I believe in. And I still feel if we don’t believe in the same God or even if you feel there is no God, we still can be friends, we still can come together and do something great, whatever that may be (go with it, it sounds inspirational).

Our ‘Creation’


My name is Jordyn McIntosh and this is my creation. Noticed how I used the word creation. I wanted to create a place where people just like me can come together and speak on topics we really don’t get to say anywhere else. By people like me I mean teens, simply teens. I wanted to give them a voice that our age alone doesn’t give us. I want us to speak on important topics in the world today. Whether it’s high points or low. Current events have a lot to do with us and the world around us that we will soon take on as our own or already have. So I feel it’s important that we get to speak about it and not be silenced by our ages. This is a step in the right direction. Not only should we speak on these topics but we should find solutions to these problems. I want to not to just inform but to influence peace, equality and justice.

All opinions are valued. Whether I don’t agree with them or anyone else around you. As long as you keep an open-minded to others and accepting of other you will heard. I want everyone to feel heard when reading and using this ‘creation’.

In this blog I will be addressing political, social and environmental problems in our world, but also offering solutions. I will be reviewing articles, videos and other types of media and sharing the with you, then you can give your opinion on the same topic. Also you can give suggestions on new topics we can address. I really hope you take this as a way to unite with each in peace.

This is for us. Made by US for US.